Mobile and web applications development: solutions for Business Process Automation

bpa solution Mobile and web applications development: solutions for Business Process Automation
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Many companies wish to automate their business processes to improve employees’ productivity, streamline the total workflow, and increase profit. Reducing intensive activities of labour leads to reducing efforts associated with completing particular tasks as well as optimizing time.

However, when comes the decision to automate workflow and there are all necessary resources for that, an organization faces such important issues as: which processes should be automated? How to choose among lots of possibilities the right one?

To stay on CRM implementation or some other solution integration? Or, maybe, to meet business-specific needs it will be better to choose web or mobile applications development as a BPA solution?

In this article, you’ll find cases when BPA solution development/implementation will result in efficiency improvement and business growth. Here we also provide some ideas that can help you find inspiration in.

First, let’s provide the definition. Business process automation (BPA) refers to the technologies that enable automation of some activities and accelerate workflow. This term includes a plenty of ways some we’ve listed above.

A BPA solution may be associated with various company activities: sales, marketing, human resources, management, operations, and many others.

So, the goal of BPA solution implementation lies not only in business process automation, but also in workflow management simplification, optimization, and improvement.

When will BPA solution provide the best results


1. Repetitive tasks and processes
Business process automation solutions are always a good option to streamline tasks associated with daily routine or frequent repetition. The examples of such activities are time tracking, supply chain management, inventory management, purchasing, shipping, billing, etc.

By automation of such processes you don’t only optimize labor time, but also reduce chances of human errors as well as human intervention.

2. Document management
The implementation of business process automation solutions implementation may be also referred to document management: from processing orders and requests to providing budget approvals and rejections.

Imagine, for example, a mobile app that supports electronic requests, signatures, provides document access and archiving. Such a BPA solution, implemented in your enterprise, will help you achieve greater efficiency and improve productivity.

3. Difficult decision-making process
BPA solution implementation can be effective for simplification and acceleration of some decision-making processes. The integration of BPA software is especially important for banks, financial and insurance companies.

The automation of such activities as credit check, loan approvals, and financial analysis will lead to workflow increased efficiency.

Mobile or web applications development for solution of such operational challenges can be a good option.

Imagine, for instance, a web app which instantaneously provides an employee with necessary information about a customer (financial opportunities and conditions) and says whether he is a desirable client for credit/loan or not, shows interest rate, the amount of a loan, etc.

Or an application which immediately detects suspicious fraud patterns and automatically sends notifications, informs security system, block cards if required, and so on.

4. Research activities
BPA solution can also include automation of various research activities, for example, big data processing, financial risk analysis, medical records processing, life science and climate research, and so on. The automation and optimization of such tasks is a great advantage for companies that enables them to minimize labor efforts, reduce risks and errors.

5. Self-service employee portals
Self-service employee portals provide workers with the possibility of skills development and improvement. You don’t need to create a special business educational ecosystem, you need only to integrate such a portal in your enterprise.

In this case, mobile or web applications development perfectly suits as a BPA solution. For instance, an application that offers various online training courses, provides a plenty of tasks and selects them individually for each person, registers results, tracks progress, sends rates to the manager, and all of that without a trainer.

6. Marketing activities
You can use business process automation software solutions (f.e., custom mobile or web app development, CRM implementation etc.) to automate company’s marketing processes.

Imagine a mobile app which enables to hold various marketing programs, from advertising campaign launch and management to leads generation and content management.

You can implement a feature in your product that will allow to get and analyze real-time results on your smartphone. Sounds great, doesn’t it?

With the help of such a BPA solution, you can (as one of the options) receive real-time data, automatically distribute leads, launch email marketing campaigns, and so on.
7. Streamlined communication
An automated workflow implies an automated communication process. You can implement a BPA software solution that provides employees with one dashboard that allows them to see all requests, messages, comments, notes, create discussions around business projects, and a lot more. Such a product will streamline communication, make it transparent and convenient.

8. Sales process
One of the main business processes that first of all should be considered for possible automation by companies related to sales. The formula for success is profit, so a streamlined sales process will help you increase your revenue.

You can automate all steps of a deal. For example, request immediate processing (including receiving notifications about new ones), discounts and shares management, phone calls recording, documents and contracts signing, post-sale support, and so on.

Sales process automation is a key factor for business growth. So, if you haven’t yet had a solution for streamlined sales, you should take into account such an option to increase your profit.

We at Smartum Pro are always ready to answer all your questions and help you choose the best option exactly for your project. We provide quality custom mobile and web app development services for BPA, helping our customers solve operational challenges and meeting their goals.

4.5/5 - (6 votes)

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