telemetry tracking solution Telemetry/Tracking Technologies

Telemetry/Tracking Technologies

Nowadays Telemetry tracking software solutions including GPS/Mapping technologies have become highly efficient in solving a wide range of tasks in various businesses.

Smartum Pro provides quality telemetry tracking application development services. We create valuable telemetry tracking apps that meet your business specific needs and goals, and solve your operational challenges.

  • Using positional information to provide certain functionality
  • Developing and optimizing route construction algorithms for GPS-navigation
  • Developing client’s navigation maps for different portable devices (smartphones, map-cases, etc.)
  • Optimizing and automating map creation process
  • Location-based services for improving customer retention
  • Geotagging and geo targeting
  • Geographic Information System (GIS) integration



Logistics, Advertising, Education, Engineering and Construction, Internet of things, Manufacturing, Oil and Gas, Travel


  • Telemetry tracking applications to improve your logistics services quality: optimize inventory process, increase transaction speed and improve workflow
  • Telemetry tracking solutions to identify, prioritize and target users in accordance with their physical location
  • Telemetry tracking applications to provide a customized interface and content to each visitor
  • Telemetry tracking apps to view and analyze visual data so that the human mind can more easily discern patterns and correlations
  • Telemetry tracking applications to provide sophisticated and detailed reports and intelligence
Travel Industry
Travel Industry

High-quality mobile and web application development for airlines, travel agencies, hotels, and car rental agencies.

Banking and Finance
Banking and Finance

Reliable mobile and web applications for banks, transaction processing agencies, credit bureaus, and large merchants.


Innovative eLearning application development that offer corporate training, online courses, tests, and more.


Providing innovative solutions for medical centers, hospitals, coaching companies, and sport agencies.


Development of secure mobile and web applications for social, accident, health, and vehicle insurance.

Transport and Logistics
Transport and Logistics

Effective mobile and web applications for transport and logistics companies that solve various operational and industry challenges.

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Romantic app for couples
  • Industry: Lifestyle, Entertainment
  • Platform: iOS, Android, Web
  • Industry: Social, Business
  • Platform: iOS, Android
Work-life balance аpp
  • Industry: Health
  • Platform: iOS, Android
Social network & advertising platform
  • Industry: Sales enforcement, Advertising, Social network
  • Platform: iOS, Web, Java backend

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