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Portals and Social Networking

Smartum Pro delivers quality portal and social networking app development services to various industries. Our company provides portal and social networking solutions related to complicated portals design including app integration, elements of e-commerce, support and implementation of payment and billing systems, and so on.
We create portal and social networking applications that meet your industry goals and needs. Our specialists are ready to deliver such complex solutions as:

  • Customer access portal
  • Cultural/Information portals
  • Domain-specific portals
  • Educational portals
  • Corporate portals
  • Personal portals
  • Social media
  • Business Intelligence portals


Travel, Banking and Finance, eLearning, eCommerce, Healthcare, Insurance, Transport and Logistics


  • Social networking app to enable sharing among customers, suppliers, and business partners
  • Mobile and web apps that allow users to access, navigate, and analyze information across multiple data stores
  • Portal/social networking solutions that allow to assemble all kind of information regarding the specific theme
  • Portal/social networking application to provide information related to the specific domain (company or service)
  • Portal/social networking solutions that provide access to all the information and software applications held by an organization
  • Social networking app to allow users to share different kinds of information (including photos), as well as interests, and activities with people in their network or all over the globe
  • Portal/social networking application to consolidate information from employers and candidates, as well as all kind of articles, news, and events pertaining to the recruitment process
Travel Industry
Travel Industry

High-quality mobile and web application development for airlines, travel agencies, hotels, and car rental agencies.

Banking and Finance
Banking and Finance

Reliable mobile and web applications for banks, transaction processing agencies, credit bureaus, and large merchants.


Innovative eLearning application development that offer corporate training, online courses, tests, and more.


Providing innovative solutions for medical centers, hospitals, coaching companies, and sport agencies.


Development of secure mobile and web applications for social, accident, health, and vehicle insurance.

Transport and Logistics
Transport and Logistics

Effective mobile and web applications for transport and logistics companies that solve various operational and industry challenges.

Clients Testimonials

Our work

Romantic app for couples
  • Industry: Lifestyle, Entertainment
  • Platform: iOS, Android, Web
  • Industry: Social, Business
  • Platform: iOS, Android
Work-life balance аpp
  • Industry: Health
  • Platform: iOS, Android
Social network & advertising platform
  • Industry: Sales enforcement, Advertising, Social network
  • Platform: iOS, Web, Java backend

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