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Transport and Logistics

Smartum Pro provides quality transport and logistics software development services including mobile and web app development.

Our company creates effective software solutions for transportation and logistics companies solving various operational and industry challenges. We deliver such complex solutions as:

  • software for transport management;
  • warehouse management apps;
  • applications for vehicle load control;
  • apps for traffic monitoring and optimization;
  • software for driver’s activity monitoring and management;
  • software for itinerary planning and management;
  • transport software for transit schedules tracking;
  • transport and logistics software for supply/demand planning;
  • apps for production planning and scheduling;
  • mobile and web apps for supply chain management.

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  • Platform: iOS, Android, Web
  • Industry: Social, Business
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Work-life balance аpp
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  • Platform: iOS, Android
Social network & advertising platform
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  • Platform: iOS, Web, Java backend

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