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Our company provides eLearning application development allowing to develop, implement and support innovative solutions into learning processes and help companies discover opportunities, develop, and educate both employees and users improving quality of services.

Smartum Pro creates valuable mobile and web eLearning apps for customers offering learning services to their clients or employees. We deliver high-effective complex solutions like:

  • eLearning apps to pass and prepare various tests;
  • eLearning app to conduct an assessment of users;
  • eLearning mobile and web apps to create engaging and effective online courses;
  • eLearning application development to implement innovative methods and approaches;
  • apps to adopt new gamification concepts to a learning process;
  • apps allowing to have useful videos, articles, books etc. stored;
  • mobile and web apps providing the opportunity of having access to external educational data;
  • eLearning apps for transparent and convenient communication between teachers and students;
  • apps allowing to receive information about all training and educational events and register for them;
  • mobile and web apps for business educational ecosystem creation;
  • apps to manage course programs;
  • eLearning applications to offer international training programs for students and employees;
  • applications allowing to provide media streaming;
  • eLearning app to provide augmented reality technology.

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Our work

Romantic app for couples
  • Industry: Lifestyle, Entertainment
  • Platform: iOS, Android, Web
  • Industry: Social, Business
  • Platform: iOS, Android
Work-life balance аpp
  • Industry: Health
  • Platform: iOS, Android
Social network & advertising platform
  • Industry: Sales enforcement, Advertising, Social network
  • Platform: iOS, Web, Java backend

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