Come visit us in Belarus without visa

evening Come visit us in Belarus without visa
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Business and communication are inseparable. Business representatives need to communicate with their clients and clients need quick and straightforward feedback from the business.

It doesn’t matter whether you are a customer in a supermarket or hire a software development team – knowing that you can always get a rich and friendly feedback certainly gives you the feeling of confidence and appreciation and that’s what we, people, like, don’t we?

Working as an outsourcing software development company for over 4 years we can certainly tell you that building consistent and clear communication is one of the major keys to project success.

Getting rapid feedback from both sides helps reach smooth project flow, change introduction processes and helps prevent inconsistencies, misunderstandings, miscommunications and other problems that many software development projects face.

Creating partnership based on trust and mutual confidence requires even more effort. That’s where personal meetings are especially efficient. That’s why we are always glad to meet our clients in person, not just via Skype.

Although Belarus is situated geographically in the center of Europe, it has long been rather reserved and not easily accessible by foreign visitors: expensive visa (ca. 150 Euro for a year) with complicated procedures of obtaining them, complex rules and bureaucracy often scare people off from visiting our country.

Not speaking about tourism, it is also a big obstacle for western-oriented businesses, like software development industry. Why choose Belarusian software developers when there are, for example, Polish ones who are much easier to reach since they are in the EU?

But now we have good news: residents of 80 countries can visit Belarus for up to 5 days without visa if they arrive through our Minsk National Airport.

Among these countries: the majority of Western European countries, Canada, the United States, Australia, China, Japan and many more.

This new legislation opens new business opportunities for us and our clients. For example, it will take you only 1 h 45 min to fly from Berlin-Schönefeld, 3 h from Paris-Charles-de-Gaulle and 3 h 10 min from London-Gatwick to the Minsk National Airport.

Well, and only half an hour more to get to the city centre. And that without the need to get a visa, you just need your passport, enough money and medical insurance. And voila – you’re ready to come explore Belarus and build trustful relationships with your business partners.

As we are located in Minsk, all our current and potential clients are welcome in our friendly office.

We can also help you explore Minsk and get a breath of fresh air by visiting a city that is so not like many other European cities. Having inherited its Soviet legacy, Minsk is nevertheless a rapidly evolving modern city.

The majority of foreign western visitors like Minsk – its clean streets, national food, its ‘otherness’ in architecture and its similarity in lifestyle and mindset.

You can visit Minsk as well as smaller Belarusian town each with rich history and charming architecture. If you are fond of nature, forests, lakes and meadows will certainly please one’s eye.

Minsk cultural life offers opportunities for almost any taste: from opera in the Bolshoi Opera and Ballet Theater of Belarus to more informal events such as street festivals. People may say many things about Minsk, and, let’s be true, not all of them are pleasant.

But why don’t you not rely on all written above and check this yourself by visiting us and seeing a new country? We are eager to get to make your acquaintance, show you the city we live and work in and discuss our possible partnership opportunities.

4.6/5 - (9 votes)

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