Enterprise mobile applications development. How your company can benefit from enterprise apps?

enterprise mobile app development Enterprise mobile applications development. How your company can benefit from enterprise apps?
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Though some companies still don’t have their own enterprise apps that help manage business processes and encourage revenue growth, most organizations have already released on the average two or three apps.

Moreover, according to Gartner survey on enterprise mobile app development, the majority of them use at least 6 applications for workflow management and business process automation.

Analysts say that by the end of 2017 market demand for mobile applications development for enterprises will grow five times faster than IT companies’ capacity to deliver them. And it means a great challenge for custom mobile app development teams.

It seems that all organizations are striving for building their own enterprise mobile solutions. Why?

There are a plenty of reasons and we’ll consider all of them a little bit later, but the main one is to increase profit through business processes automation and increased workers’ productivity. Also, it should be mentioned that an enterprise mobile application provides such important characteristics as portability, interoperability (with other apps), and security.

So, how exactly your company can benefit from enterprise mobile applications development?

Let’s make a list of the top advantages that enterprise mobile solutions may bring you:

1. Transaction and payment tracking
An enterprise mobile application enables companies from various fields (mobile operators, banks, etc.) to easily track and manage multiple transactions and payments, control payment deadlines, automatically send notifications about upcoming payments, and so on. Such an efficient software solution will help you to keep up with the times and automate core business processes.

2. Improved data management
Data processing and management requires lots of efforts including information constant analysis, checks, and making corrections. An effective mobile software solution will allow you to improve data consistency, file transfer, make file sharing secure, provide data synchronization, and much more. Data management may be related to both external and corporate data.

3. Focus on core activities
Enterprise mobile applications development may help your company concentrate on main goals and activities. There are many suitable and interesting ways to do that. We love the ideas of going paperless, exclusion of human participation from basic operations, and automation of some activities.

The last point may include such things as an automatic launch of email marketing campaigns, leads generation, data processing, requests processing, transaction and payments management and control (mentioned above), and much more.

4. Mobile reporting
Already common, but a very useful idea for an enterprise mobile application. Such an effective software solution will allow you to easily generate reports, check and edit them via your smartphone.

5. Inventory and supply chain management
Custom mobile app development includes the creation and implementation of apps for optimal route planning, product distribution management, couriers’ activities regulation, transportation control.

Such software mobile solutions allow to effectively manage supply chains, inventory and thus enhance productivity. An enterprise mobile application developed for such goals is a necessity for logistics and transportation companies.

Thus, enterprise mobile app development encourages business growth through business process automation, improved operations management, and time optimization. So, if you’ve decided to create an enterprise mobile application, you need only to define your company’s primary objectives it is to meet, choose IT vendor, and determine your requirements.

Some tips from our mobile app development team on how to break in project right:

1. Define your business needs and goals
Determine primary operational challenges a future software solution must solve, be it enterprise mobile app development for document management, big data processing, or business intelligence.

The choice largely depends on your company’s size and objectives: for example, if your organization isn’t big and requires the implementation of programs for mobile reporting, document management, or time tracking first, complex and expensive product development will hardly become an efficient solution.

2.  Use what you already have
Maybe, you shouldn’t increase the number of enterprise mobile applications, if you’ve already had some useful ones? Consider the software solutions you’ve got and think about their extension and improvement.

For example, you can find a reliable enterprise mobile app development company and enhance the already-existing ones instead of developing some complex system.

3. Make sure the IT vendor understands your needs
When a mobile applications development company doesn’t only make what is expected from it (meaning a technical part), and really understands your needs and objectives, it can provide you with effective recommendations during the working process (if necessary).

So, when the goals of the final result are pretty clear for both sides, there are much more chances to develop the most efficient solution.

4. Take into account technologies
Before you start writing the requirements to the project, it will be reasonable to consider possible technology stack (for example, cloud-based solutions, mobile platforms and so on). Also, a good solution is to consult a reliable enterprise mobile app development company that will help you to make the best choice.

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