Custom mobile app development: 5 main benefits Loyalty Apps can bring your business

customer loyalty apps Custom mobile app development: 5 main benefits Loyalty Apps can bring your business
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Is it true that today a mobile loyalty app is a must-have for any loyalty program? And why should create a loyalty program at all? Many experts claim that it’s a necessity nowadays and practically for any company.

But how to encourage business growth and increase profit by building a loyalty program app and not to fail and lose money? We’ve got the answers!

A loyalty app is a useful tool that can be used for various purposes. However, the question is: which fields can benefit from custom mobile app development (as a part of a loyalty program)?

The list is long and here is one of the main industries that should consider building their own product:

  1. Food sector – restaurants, cafes, pizzerias, supermarkets, coffee shops, grocery stores, bars, and so on.
  2. Retail & Fashion – specialty stores, flower shops, accessories, boutiques, сlothing stores, electronics, home improvement stores, etc.
  3. Entertainment – amusement parks, cinemas, theatres, gaming, night clubs, venues, water worlds, and a lot more.
  4. Services – automotive, cleaners, digital agencies, laundromats, shoe-repair shops, and so on.
  5. Tourism – hotels, travel agencies, airlines, insurance companies, and more.
  6. Health & Beauty – hair and nail salons, SPAs, fitness clubs, sport agencies, barber shops, pharmacies, private healthcare facilities, and more.

As you see, there are a plenty of industries that can use a loyalty program app as a tool of encouraging business growth and attracting new clients. Mobile applications development is a great opportunity for those companies that still don’t have such a promotional channel as a customer loyalty app.

There are a number of purposes a loyalty mobile app can serve for. Here are the main ones:

1. Increase revenue
The principal goal of building an app. All other objectives we will be speaking about next, for example, creating brand loyalty, lead to this one. Obviously, a customer loyalty app is a promotional channel.

An efficient loyalty program, implying the app to be a part of it, results in boosting sales. Statistics show the following numbers referring to providing customers with loyalty program apps:

  • Customers visit their favorite shops and cafes two times more often if they are provided with quality services which involve effective loyalty apps. An important point here is the fact, that one good application isn’t enough for success.
    It also implies well-trained staff, quality products, and a lot more. A mobile app is an additional tool that will result in great sales enforcement, but in case if other factors will also effectively function.
  • Loyal customers spend three to four times longer with your brand and have the higher credibility to you, meaning that they will be bringing you more income.
  • Clients purchase higher-margin items and have from 30 to 40% higher ticket size than ones with no loyalty program app.

2. Create brand loyalty
Mobile applications development also helps form brand loyalty and improve recognition. As we mentioned above, clients generally spend more time with the brand, if a company offers them an effective loyalty program app that provides various rewarding elements: coupons, discounts, shares, presents, and more.

Giving your customers personalized experience and beneficial offers, you create loyalty to your brand.

3. Cultivate customer loyalty
One of the most important reasons why your company should consider custom mobile app development as a part of a loyalty program. Customer loyalty apps provide a convenient and simple tool of getting touch with your clients, being closer to them.

Push-notifications, rewards, special offers, personalization – all of this will help you build and cultivate customer loyalty.

4. Provide value to your clients
Instead of sticking to an old point-collection card and using such ineffectual offers as “Twenty five points equals one dollar, and fifty dollars earns 50% off your next purchase in August!”, make it possible to collect rewards within a mobile loyalty program app that can be changed for presents and discounts.

The result will be the following: more app downloads, great value to your clients, higher income.

5. Gather deep data
Building loyalty program apps is a great opportunity to understand your customers, their needs, and preferences. Implement analytical tools in your product and get insights into clients’ behavior.

With the help of a mobile application you will be able to analyze your target audience, find out what it likes and what doesn’t, which offers are efficient and bring profit, and which should be improved or changed, and enhance your loyalty program and the app itself.


Custom mobile app development Solution

What customer loyalty apps need to increase company revenue and encourage business growth? So, an effective application must be custom-built for your brand including logo, slogan, design, and more.

The success of most loyalty program apps requires the implementation of such features as a digital rewards card, store locator, rewards tracking, user behavior analysis.

Also, a customer loyalty app should be developed and delivered right way. Take into account such issues as operating systems (iOS, Android, etc.), UI/UX design, marketing promotion, and so on.

Make sure that your stuff advice the app to customers and it’s mentioned on your company website and social groups. Provide your clients with not only special offers and discounts but also with some valuable information.

For instance, a hair and nail salon can send customers instructions on how to make a beautiful evening hairstyle and makeup easily and at home. Like Starbucks sends advice on how to prepare tasty coffee.

Constantly improve your customer loyalty app based on target audience feedback and behavior patterns. And your clients will be returning to you again and again.

4.6/5 - (5 votes)

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